Release Notes v1.0.5-hotfix-6568627

Bytom version 1.0.5 is now available from:

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:

How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has quited completely, and then run the new version Bytom. You can operate according to the user manual.(Bytom User Manual)

1.0.5 changelog

Bytom Node

  • PR #1196
    • Remove the old p2p TCP peer exchange module.
  • PR #1204
    • Add paging to the three APIs: list-unspent-outputs,list-transactions, and list-addresses.
  • PR #1208
    • Add sync completion status broadcasting.
  • PR #1218
    • Fix the Unmarshal bug at getting an external asset.
  • PR #1233
    • Add check-key-password API.
  • PR #1219
    • Add get-coinbase-arbitrary, set-coinbase-arbitrary APIs.
  • PR #1232
    • Fix multi-sign process only being signed once if signed by the same password.
  • PR #1228
    • Upgrade txpool to prevent dropping orphan transaction.
  • PR #1241
    • Add function to delete expired orphan block.
  • PR #1253
    • Add support to filter by alias for list-accounts API.
  • PR #1245
    • API create-asset supports user custom smart contract.
  • PR #1258
    • Add node upgrade notification mechanism.
  • PR #1264
    • Improve the mining pool new block updating timing.
  • PR #1262
    • Add spv support for full node,which mainly includes filtering address and sending Merkle block.

Bytom Dashboard

  • Add Chinese translation to equity contract.
  • Fix password will be frozen for 5 mins when the password is wrong.
  • Add transaction details before signing an advanced transaction.
  • Add version tag and version update notification.

Equity Contract frontend

  • Add contract template of RevealPreimage support for entering any character
  • Asset selection box support BTM,expect when locking value


Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

  • Colt-Z
  • langyu
  • oysheng
  • Paladz
  • shanhuhai5739
  • shenao78
  • successli
  • yahtoo
  • zcc0721
  • ZhitingLin

And everyone who helped test.